Ebe Dancel’s Official Statement

Ebe Dancel set to pursue a solo career after Sugarfree

It may appear that Sugarfree front man and chief songwriter Ebe Dancel will do a Rico Blanco and a Barbie Almalbis by leaving his successful band and pursuing a solo career.

On his official statement, Ebe Dancel said that he is currently recording a his solo album under Warner Music and one of his first songs Hanggang sa Dulo will be used for the new “telegrande” "8 kingdom", a Chinese Epic to be launched by TV5 on January 24.

So what’s next for Sugarfree? As of writing, the band and the management have yet to release their official statement on what will happen to drummer Kaka Quisumbing and bassist Jal Tuguibao (I have this gut feeling that Jal will pursue his long-time ambition of entering the Law School). 

Sugarfree may not be the same without their front man and Chief songwriter Ebe Dancel but I think Jal ang Kaka are also equally talented as Ebe. Kaka and Jal created the less popular but equally good tracks such as Martir, Patawad, Get Over It, Where do we Go?, and Form Factor so I think it won’t be a problem if they continue Sugarfree with a new member.

As for me, I just see things at a lighter side. When Ely Buendia left the Eraserheads, it gave way to the formation of awesome groups like bands like Sandwich, Cambio, Pedicab, and Markus Highway. When Orange and Lemons disbanded, they gave us the Indie Pop outfit The Camerawalls and the infamous Mcoy Fundales-led Kenyo. When Rico Blanco left Rivermaya to pursue a solo career, he sure became a hitmaker but the remaining boys continue to be Maya and make awesome tracks and anthems too. So what am I trying to say? With this drama, who knows? The world might just hear the awesome talent of Kaka and Jal and make equally good anthems as Ebe Dancel on his solo career.

Let’s just see this as another episode for these talented musicians and a new beginning of a new era of Filipino Music. Padayon!

Click this link to read Ebe Dancel’s Official Statement.

Source: facebook.com


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