Stars Are Blind

Paris Hilton was right. The stars are really blind.

Perhaps the most controversial issue and most discussed news today was the new zodiac sign Ophiuchus. Many got pissed especially those who are suckers of Horoscopes and who depend their lives on the movement of the moon and the stars. Or got pissed because they hated their new zodiac sign.

I, on the other hand, do not buy this horoscope thing. I believe in my own power. I believe that I am the master of my own life. I believe that I am the driver of my own destiny.

I do not believe that the stars will see my future.

Trust me. Even the great Paris Hilton believed that the Stars were really blind.

Earlier this evening, I conducted a survey asking about the worst song ever written. I wonder why no one answered a Paris Hilton song. This song catapulted other acts who are noob and who cannot really sing. No thanks to the autotune technology.

Anyway, let’s just leave the new zodiac sign issue to a rest and let’s just enjoy this Paris Hilton song. Admit it. You sang this one back in the day. After all, some (pretending) experts are saying that there is really no new zodiac sign. 


I still trust Zenaida Seva and her famous free will line at the end of her horoscope. 

Zenaida Seva, pray for us.

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