Vindication for Christopher Lao

Last August, Christopher Lao became an infamous internet sensation and a victim of taunts and satires by social media users when he drove his car directly into a flooded street causing it to drift in the flood. When interviewed by GMA News Reporter Jun Veneracion, who happened to be shooting within the vicinity, he told the latter the now-famous line “I should have been informed”, saying that signs should be put in the area.

In today’s social media age when information can spread faster than before, one’s mistakes or boo-boos can easily be exaggerated and then taunted and ridiculed afterwards. And Mister Lao was one of its victims.

But now, Christopher Lao is back, still with a flooded car, but starring in a commercial for BPI.

Lao plays himself repeating the same words, including the now-famous quote, “I should have been informed,” that he uttered to GMA reporter Jun Veneracion, who is played by an actor in the commercial for BPI.

"This is my way of saying yes to life," Lao told GMA News. “Some good finally came out of this crisis. It became an opportunity. I can now pay for the tuition of my daughter.”

Lao is currently studying for the bar exam next month, but took time off to shoot the commercial last weekend. 

The commercial ends with the graphic, “Nature doesn’t inform you.” BPI used Lao to pitch its auto loans that come with one year free insurance covering acts of nature. The ad is expected to air in cinemas as well as on BPI’s YouTube channel.

Karma is not always a bitch. And Christpher Lao is the perfect example that one can use his down moments in life to rise up again and make something wonderful out of it.

Christopher Lao is back! Who’s laughing now?




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