DepEd Memo: No Homework shall be given During Weekends ⇢

The Department of Education released a memorandum that prohibits giving homework to public school students every Friday.

DepEd Memorandum 392 S.2010

Guidelines on Giving Homework or Assignment to All Public Elementary Schools Pupils

1. Homework or assignment have been part of the pupils lives in their schooling. Common homework/assignment may include a period of reading to be done and writing to be completed, problems to be solved and projects to be worked on among others. The purpose of which is for the pupils to increase their knowledge and improve their abilities and skills.

2. However, it has been observed that parents complain about too many pupils homework or assignment which rob themselves and their children quality time to be together in more enjoyable activities.

3. Hence it is advised that the teachers limit the giving of homework to reasonable quantity to give their ample time to rest and relax at home for the rest of the day.

4. Therefore no homework or assignment shall be given during weekends for pupils to enjoy their childhood and spend quality time with their parents without being burdened by the though of doing lots of homework.

Thank you department of Education for this one. I totally agree with item no. 2 that weekends should be spend as a quality time with the family.

Based on my experience, when I was still in the Minor Seminary, we are only allowed to go home once a month. It is during the last Friday of the month to be exact. We only spend about two days with our family since our scheduled return to the Seminary was the the following Sunday after our “month end”/ “going home”.

And our teachers back then knew how to beat the crap out of us. They give us loads of assignment and research projects whenever we go home. Hence, a lesser quality time for family bonding but more time for academics. You see, academics, aside from spirituality, is a top priority in the institution.

The State should see the value of quality Family bonding especially today when there seems to be a little time and opportunity for Parents to talk to their children. This quality time is a means to discuss sensitive issues that only parents can deliver and to strengthen the family ties. And I commend the Department of Education for this one.

Just a thing though. I think parents should also be instructed that weekends must be spent as a quality family time. They must also be trained on how proper parenting and “diplomacy” on parent-child relation. I think DepEd can impose that through the school’s PTA (Parents-Teachers Association).

How about “No Exams during Mondays” policy? I know a school that imposes this policy. Their rationale is that the students still have a hangover of the weekend and should not be bombarded by examinations. Is this justifiable?

And how about the Private Schools? Should the school administrators impose this directive as well?


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